Planned Giving: The Corinthian Society

The Corinthian Society is a special society honoring those individuals who demonstrate wisdom and strength.  They understand that importance of providing for the future of the Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park.  The society is named for the richest order in architecture, where the projecting parts of a building unite with Corinthian columns to form a beautiful, perfect, and complete work.

The society recognizes individuals who have included the Indiana Masonic Home Foundation in their financial estate planning by leaving a legacy of hope for the future care of their fellow brother and sisters.  Membership serves as a lasting testimony to lives well spent and a tribute to one of the principal tenets of Freemasonry– charity.


  • Corinthian Society medallion clock and pin;
  • Listing in the Annual Donor Honor Roll in the Freemason Magazine;
  • Invitation to and recognition at the Annual Corinthian Society Recognition Dinner;
  • Invitation to that Annual Corinthian Society Dinner with the Grand Master;
  • Fellowship with other society members, IMHF and IMH officials, and Grand Lodge Officers;
  • E-mail updates and alerts on information about the IMH; and
  • Invitations to special events sponsored by IMHF.

Qualifying Gifts:

  • A simple bequest to the IMHF in a will or trust;
  • Designating the IMHF as a beneficiary of a lifetime insurance policy or retirement account;
  • Charitable, testamentary, or living will trust;
  • Charitable gift annuity:
  • Gift of real property; and
  • Tax-wise gift of securities.

Income-Providing Gifts:

  • Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

Joining the Corinthian Society is as easy as filling out a non-binding letter of intent form.